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Learn more about marine life!

Whales, Sea Lions and Penguins chose Puerto Madryn as their home. And Today, visitors can learn and learn a little more about them.

Puerto Madryn is an Argentine destination that tourists look for to watch whales. This show is famous for the acrobatics that whales do near the coast.

This beautiful coastal city was founded by Welsh settlers in 1865. The name Puerto Madryn, was in honor of Thomas Duncombe Love Jones-Parry, first Baron of Madryn of Wales.

It is a port region of intense fishing economic activity. Of beautiful beaches and splendid bays mainly in summer, when the tourist can enjoy more for the weather.

Puerto Madryn is in the middle of the road between Buenos Aires and Ushuaia. In this way, it becomes one of the important stops for the final destination.

It can be said that it is a strategic stop, not only for rest, but to watch whales. For a trip to Punta Tombo to see the penguins, or even meet Trelew and Gaiman, Welsh towns in the middle of Patagonia.

The Valdés peninsula 

Entrance of the Valdés Peninsula. Photo by: Author’s collection.

World Heritage of Humanity, declared by Unesco, the Valdés Peninsula, it delights to be one of the wildest areas of the Country. Every year, southern right whales, penguins, sea lions, killer whales, elephant seals, and sheep dolphins pass there each year. And also other varieties of animals that makes it a space for adventure and marine observation.

Peninsula Valdés. Photo by: Acervo del autor.

The peninsula is marked by cliffs and extensive reefs. The landscape that the tourist experiences when he enters this site is amazing. They have very close contact with everything that nature offers there.

In addition, this is not only a sanctuary of marine life, there is also perceived wildlife and a wild flora.

Passing the entrance to the reserve is the Istmo Ameghino Visitor Center. This is an information space about the history of the Peninsula, its fauna, flora, and geography. It is a very important stop because it is where the animals keep explaining the route, the tourist points and main recommendations. There is also the skeleton of a southern right whale. Ideal to take photos and learn a little more.

Puerto Piramide. Photo by: Author’s collection.

Another very important tourist point within this reserve is Puerto Pirámide. In which the boat excursions are made for whale watching. It also has basic services, a fuel supply center, gastronomic services, among others.

The Punta Delgada Lighthouse stands out, an area where one of the most important colonies of marine elephants is concentrated. In the past the lighthouse was fueled with oil for lighting, currently has an electric generator.

The rates to access the reserve vary according to local, national and foreign residents.

The Whale Show – nature and its shows
Whale watching. Photo by: Author’s collection.

One of the best shows of nature is the one offered in Puerto Madryn by the southern right whales. They can be observed from June to December, when they approach the coasts of the New Gulf to have their young or to take care of them.

These giant cetaceans offer a unique diversion to all the tourists of the world who come in awe. This attraction can be done in two ways.

In a closer way by means of the boats that make excursions out of Puerto Pirámides.

Whale watching. Photo by: buenavibra.es

It is added that ecotourism developed to approach whales in Valdés Peninsula is based on environmental education and care with the species. The same goes for the fauna and flora in the reserve. Its objective is not to exploit a resource, but to create means of preservation.

On the outskirts of the Valdés Peninsula, another way to watch is going to the viewpoints or the beaches of Punta Pardelas, it is certainly not the same as watching the boats, but it has its magic and is much cheaper. Also, it is a nice place to visit.

Trelew – the town of Luis

Egidio Feruglio Paleontological Museum. Photo by: adrianporelmundo.com

This small town of Welsh origins is located 65 km from Puerto Madryn. The name Trelew means “town of Luis” in homage to Lewis Jones, founder of the Welsh colony in the province of Chubut.

Es una ciudad con atracciones turísticas importantes, como el Museo Paleontológico Egidio Feruglio – MEF. El museo exhibe de forma permanente distintas actividades, tales como, “La cueva de las manos”, “el feroz fororraco”, “Tyrannotitan” y “Patagotitan”. Todo relacionado al mundo de los dinosaurios. Es un excelente lugar para ir con los niños.

También está el Museo Regional “Pueblo de Luis”, un significativo espacio para aprender sobre las costumbres de los pueblos originarios como mapuches, tehuelches y sobre la inmigración galesa.

Otro espacio cultural, es el Museo de Artes Visuales con una muestra permanente de expresiones plásticas, clásicas y contemporáneas. Se destaca también al Observatorio Astronómico y Planetario que cuenta con funciones sobre el sistema solar, evolución de los planetas, proyecciones de imágenes del cielo, entre otras.

Trelew también ofrece una amplia gama de lugares para comer. Restaurantes como, por ejemplo, La Stanza, qué sirve un menú variado entre pastas, carnes, pollos y mariscos. Sugar, que se destaca por ser un espacio donde se puede desayunar, almorzar y merendar, con excelente comida y atención. Mi Destino, que cuenta con buena comida y excelente atención.

Gaiman – el pueblo galés

Primera Casa de Gaiman. Foto de: Acervo del autor.

Más un plus que se puede agregar a Puerto Madryn, es su proximidad a la pequeña Gaiman, que está a 1 hora de la ciudad.  Considerada como pueblo más galés de la Patagonia.

This beautiful town was chosen by the first settlers, in 1865, to be the “New Wales”. To this day, the streets and houses preserve vestiges of Welsh customs, language and religion.

The sympathetic Gaiman that the traditions are so ingrained that even the radio play Welsh songs. Walking through the streets, the squares, looking at businesses and tea houses, meeting the old tunnel through which the railroad traveled is traveling to a historical era that currently seems to stop in this small town.

House Wales of Tea. Photo by: Acervo del autor.

A great anecdotal fact is that the Princess of Wales, Lady Di, passed there on November 25, 1995. One of the emblematic places was the tea house Ty Te Caerdydd, where she had tea with raspberry cake. It is currently one of the most important attractions of Gaiman.

House Wales of Tea. Photo by: pinterest.com

Punta Tombo – the refuge of the Magellanic Penguins

Punta Tombo. Photo by: southamericaliving.com

Another amazing recommendation to make in Puerto Madryn is to visit Punta Tombo. The reserve, is open from September to April. Being one of the most important bird refuges in Argentina.

Located in the town of Dos Pozos, in Florentino Ameghino and 170 km from the city of Puerto Madryn. This natural area is actually a strip of stony beaches in which activities of protection of the colonies of Magellanic penguins are exercised.

For being about 2 hours from Puerto Madryn, going to the south of the country, what is suggested that this trip be done, finally, in case one is traveling for example to Ushuaia.

The reserve counts as a place where penguins come to mate and nest. There are also giant petrels, gulls, cormorants and other birds.

As in the Valdés Peninsula, ticket rates are divided into local, national and foreign residents.

It is emphasized that there are no public transports for the refuge, it is necessary to hire it in Puerto Madryn, in case you do not use your own car.

What to  do in Puerto Madryn – downtown

In addition to the tourist attractions of Peninsula Valdes, Punta Tombo and Gaiman, Puerto Madryn has its own charms to be discovered. It is a very pleasant city because of its maritime air and its surrounding beaches.

Puerto Madryn beach. Photo by: Acervo del Autor.

Mainly in summer, the wide and wild beaches, with their calm waters are a delight for the visitor that they can enjoy together with the local people. This time of the year the pleasant weather helps a lot in water sports and walks on the beaches.

Important center for sports such as, kayak, StandUp-Surfing, Windsurf or Kitesurfing that you can do on your own or in schools for those just starting, for children and adults. There are several around the city where you can hire the service.

It is valid to mention that the summer seawater has a temperature on average of 22 degrees, due to the currents that flow down from Brazil, unlike many beaches in Argentina, which are very cold.

Tourists can be charged with a bit of the local culture at the Ecocentro Museum, which features highly interactive exhibits on the marine ecosystems of the region.

Provincial Museum of Man and the Sea. Photo by: wikimapia.org

Also the Provincial Museum of Man and the Sea (Provincial Museum of Natural and Oceanographic Sciences) that exposes on the human cultural history of the region and on the flora, the fauna and the patagónica oceanography.

Casuela de Mariscos – El Nautico. Photo by: pinterest.com

To eat, Cantina el Náutico is recommended , a space for eating rabas and prawn, very good service. In Mis Fuegos , signature cuisine, where you can be served by the chef, the food is good and plentiful and the atmosphere pleasant.

At night the proposals of Puerto Madryn are summarized in the different pubs, bars and clubs, or even walk along the beaches.

In short, if you are going to the south of Patagonia or returning from Puerto Madryn and the surroundings, they have a lot to offer you. Take your time and take advantage. You will love it!

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