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Now let’s talk about some of the most popular places in Argentina. San Carlos de Bariloche, known as Bariloche, one of the most important cities in the province of Río Negro, Argentina. It is a perfect place to visit, be it in winter or summer.

Centro Civico Bariloche. Photo by:

Bariloche is the land of chocolate, Lake Nahuel Huapi, Victoria Island and the Arrayanes Woods. Also from the high peaks, such as Cerro Catedral, Cerro Otto, Cerro Tronador and Cerro León.

By day or by night, there is always something to do in this mountain town, which many call the Swiss Argentina.

We invite you to continue reading to discover all that Bariloche invites you to know.

Nahuel Huapi National Park

Nahuel Huapi National Park. Photo by:

As in any Patagonian region, Bariloche also has a National Park. In this case, it is the Nahuel Huapi National Park that is a protected area of ​​710,000 hectares of forests, lakes, hills in the middle of villages, communities, organizations and tourists.

As a result of everything that is done for the sustainable use of the region, the park has several tourist centers. However, Bariloche is the gateway and where the Intendency of the National Park is located.

Likewise, tourists can enjoy a space that combines several attractions, with all services and amenities.

Cerro Catedral

Cerro Catedral. Photo by:

It is the biggest tourist spot, mainly in winter, where thousands of visitors enter the city to ski at Cerro Catedral. A mountain located 19 km from Bariloche. Especially for those who come to Bariloche to know the snow.

Cerro Catedral fue la primera estación de deporte de invierno de América Latina.  Actualmente es el lugar donde muchos vienen para caminar, esquiar, jugar en la nieve. Es allí donde muchos chicos se divierten con el “esquíbunda” como bien dicen muchos de los brasileños que circulan por allí.

Además, este es el lugar para aprender las primeras clases de esquí. También, para hacer las maniobras radicales en snowboard.

Asimismo, el Cerro Catedral si queréis puede ser visitado en primavera y verano, donde el paisaje cambia totalmente. Se observa que el color blanco va dando lugar a varios colores de los árboles y flores. La cumbre a pleno sol es el espacio de aventura, de senderismo, tirolesa, escalada, de telesilla y de recorrer los sitios de bicicletas.

Surely you will be able to take impressive photos of the fauna and flora. As well as, the birds that decorate Bariloche in summer. The hill is a favorable area for watching.

Even this tourist station, has an important infrastructure, with parking, professionals and systems trained for risk situations. Also in the base of the Hill as in the paradores of the summit, there are restaurants and 2 paradores: The Rock and Punta Princesa.

It also highlights the Lynch Refuge, an excellent place to try mountain food, such as hot dishes in the winter or fast meals in summer.

Finally, Cerro Catedral offers some passports for tourists to enjoy according to their pocket.

Cerro Otto

Cerro Otto. Photo by:

Cerro Otto is another attraction of Bariloche, closer to the city. It is located 5 km from the city and 1,405 meters high. In fact, it is where the famous cable car of Bariloche is located, an attraction that if or if you have to venture out to meet.

The cable car consists of 42 gondolas with panoramic views, where you can go 4 passengers at a time. They are exactly 2100 meters that go from the Lower Station to the summit (Upper Station).

The beauty of Cerro Otto is the rotating confectionery, which rotates every 20 minutes and allows the tourist to see the landscape from different angles. There is the ideal place to take the rich chocolate of the region.

Now if the cable car does not like you, there are other transfer options. For example, you can go by car, by bicycle or by walking. Mainly in summer, where there are several activities. For example: climbing, mountain bike, paragliding, horseback riding, canyoning, among others.

On the other hand, in the winter, the activities on the hill are Nordic and Andean skiing.

Another space that you can access on Cerro Otto is the Berghof Refuge. In addition to a coat is a perfect place to eat the meals of the region, or enjoy something warm in the winter.

Cerro Leones

Cerro Leones. Photo by:

 Cerro Leones is located in a region near Bariloche, in the town of Dina Huapi, 15 kilometers from Bariloche. Actually, it is a rock formation park of an ancient volcano.

It can be said that this is where the tourist will be able to visit different caves and glimpse the rock figures of the original peoples. For example, there is a cavern that is 30 meters wide and has a natural lagoon. This is a unique show that you can not miss!

Cerro Tronador

Cerro Tronador. Photo by:

There is the highest in the area of ​​Bariloche (3,554 meters). Cerro Tronador is one of the attractions of the Nahuel Huapi National Park. It is located on the border with Chile in the middle of the Andes Mountains.

As a story, many say that the name “Tronador” refers to the noise that is heard in this area by the landslides of the glacial ice. It’s like hearing thunder.

This place is very visited by environmentalists because of the issue of global warming. There is a strict concern that its seven glaciers are in a process of decline. Meanwhile, it is a beautiful tourist area that has viewpoints and some sandy beaches of Lake Mascardi.

It should be clarified, that it is a place to enjoy in summer, where you can do mountaineering, climbing, fishing, among others.

Circuit Chico 

Circuito Chico. Photo by:

And if you go to Bariloche you also have to do the legendary Circuito Chico, which is an excursion around the city.

This tour consists of visiting Lake Nahuel Huapi, Monte Campanario, Playa Bonita, LLao Llao National Park, San Pedro Peninsula, Angostura Bridge and Moreno Lake.

For many tourists this is an unforgettable city tour for the beautiful landscape that one can see. It is there where you can take the best photos of the region.

White stones

White stones. Photo by:

For those looking for adventure, Piedras Blancas is the right place. This tourist complex is a park with different activities aimed at the whole family, friends, or those who travel alone. It is the perfect place for laughter and fun. There is a lot to do on the Tubing track, on the skywalk, or to fly Zipline up the mountain. Or simply walk the mountain in the middle to an incredible panorama of flora and fauna.

Victoria Island and Arrayanes Forest

Forest of Arrayanes. Photo by:

Victoria Island is located on Lake Nahuel Huapi, where Puerto Pañuelo is located. An area full of pine forests, typical trees of the Patagonian region.

It is highlighted that this is one of the stops to go to Bosque de Arrayanes, which is located on the Quetrihue Peninsula.

In fact, this is not a common forest, its beauty is so spectacular that Walt Disney was inspired by him to make the famous children’s film Bambi.

The Anchorena port is the place of disembarkation of the visitors that go by the Lake. Also, you can enter through National Routes 231 and 237. There are those who venture to visit the bicycle forest.

The name Arrayan means in the Mapuche language yellow bush and white flowers.

In addition, this is the only forest in the world that trees have this peculiar color.

In general, tourists can go hiking in the region to reach the Playa del Toro, which also has cave paintings. Together, this is a beach of volcanic sand.

To visit the Arrayanes Forest we recommend not forgetting the photographic machine. This is a unique place for you to take fantastic pictures.

Gastronomy and the Bariloche night

Rincon Patagonico. Photo by:

For starters, Bariloche is the perfect combination between the flavors of Patagonia and the original foods of the immigrants. There, you will find several restaurants where you will experience different dishes, washed down with a good wine from the end of the world. As suggestions, there is the Patagonian Corner, Costa Brava, Restaurant del Lago.

Artisan Chocolates Photo by:

There are also the desserts and the famous chocolate, from the tea houses and confectioneries, which serve cakes, scones and homemade breads. Do not forget that Bariloche has a street only of chocolate shops to know, try and buy delicious sweets. We recommend, Susana’s Tea House, Heidi and the Confectionery Boat and a walk along Miter Street, where the options are immense.

Also, there are the craft breweries, pubs and clubs, which turns the night into a separate show for those who visit the region. That’s why Bariloche is the Argentine capital of graduates’ holidays.

Hotels and Inns

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